About us

"Lisichansk rubber technical plant" is one of the largest factories of manufacturers of conveyer belts in Europe.

In 1966 on territory of Ukraine in Lisichansk, which is of the Lugansk region, a plant was put into operation. It produced rubbers mixtures and rubber-fabric conveyer belts, and in 1967 a workshop, which produced conveyer belts with high fire-safety and already during 45 years a basic production volume makes the issue of conveyer belts. Production was manned by the high-performance modernized equipment of the leading European companies.

On the basis of the gained during the years of work rich experience, combining with modern technologies in production of goods, Lisichansk RTP makes the wide assortment of rubber-fabric and P.V.C. conveyer belts, that match all users’ requirements.

In 2004 certificated technology on the polyvinilchloridefabric with rubber facing was developed.

In the last few years due to development of mines conveyer ribbons our factory brought in a considerable contribution to the measures on the increase of safety of work in coal industry of Ukraine, Russia, Belorus and other countries of CIS.

Products, that are produced on the technical requirements, also correspond to the requirements of HD, certificated on territory of Ukraine, Russia and Belorus, and also has the approval of the State Labour Supervision of Ukraine.


An enterprise has the equipped proof-of-concept base for the leadthrough of tests of conveyer betls. The entrance control of the got raw material is made, the strict control of all technological process is provided on production of conveyer belts and prepared products. If requested, factory gives recommendations on the typeselection belts, and also does services in docking of conveyer belts.

Our partners
Intaugol and Vorkutaugol in Russia, Mariupol metallurgical combine, Chasovyask heat-resistant combine, Dneprotyazmash, Nikopol factory of Ferro-alloys, Enakievo cement factory, Nikolaev aluminous factory, Kupyansk machine-building plant, Dnepr metallurgical combine, Parkhomenko Luganskmash plant, Alchevsk kokso chemical plant, Joint-stock COMPANY "Kriviy Rig CRZ ", Alchevsk metal combine, Pavlogradugol, Roven'ki-Antrazit, Sverdlovantrazit, Shakhterskantrazit, Donetskugol, Krasnoarmeyskugol, L'vivugol, Lisichanskugol, Pervomaiskugol, "Member of the Donbass komsomol" coal-mine, Luhanskugol, Joint-stock COMPANY "Zaporozhia MZK", Petrovsk uglemash, Krasniy Luch mashzavod and many others.

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